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This is sample of a medical interactive message community that is an open forum run by MEDForum On the Net a division of The Birchwood Group. We invite you try it out and welcome comments and ideas.

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MEDForum is a very cost-effective vehicle for extending the life of a live Internet seminar or for gathering pertinent information to enhance any program's overall results. Virtually any type of project is suitable. Prime examples include:

  • Medical educational seminars
  • Opinion leader discussions
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Product information resource or research
  • Crisis management hub
  • Patient input
  • Clinical results

Although MEDForum is a standalone product, it was designed to closely integrate with MEDPresent, Birchwood's live Internet meeting solution. For example, if you hold an on line conference series with MEDPresent, you can offer MEDForum for follow-up discussions and interaction.

MEDForum a great way to extend and enhance your programs!

Let our expertise work for you…On the Net.

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It's easy for users to log on to MEDForum, choose the desired topic, and review and post comments. But MEDForum is more than your ordinary bulletin board system.

Participants can upload and download:

  • Word documents
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Photos
  • URLs / links

The result? 

MEDForum becomes a valuable repository of ongoing program information or seminar follow-up information.
For example, after a recent MEDPresent live conference we quickly posted web links to pertinent FDA pages referenced by speakers.

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